Haiti does not need any more Charity

It is widely accepted that, Haiti, at the exception of India, has more charity organizations than any other country in the world. As charity organizations have continued to flourish, Haiti’s poverty has continued to deepen.


Please do not destroy my future with Food assistance… I come from a long line of family of farmers!

Haiti’s economy, just like most of the third world, has always depended on agriculture. Therefore, it is no surprise that Food assistance was the leading cause of the destruction of Haiti’s economy.

From 1987 to 1995, Coffee export from Haiti fell from eighteen thousand metric tons to six thousand tons. (Alphonse 1996). During that same period, sugar exports dropped to zero. In 1995, Haiti, once considered one of the greatest sugar exporters in the world, was importing twenty five thousand tons of US sugar per year. (Hallward 2004). While cheap foreign food poured into the island, destroying the lives of thousands of farmers, there was another cancer destroying the heart and very soul of Haiti. It is called: CHARITY!

For decades, we, the helpers, missionaries, activists and philanthropists, we have all been guilty of the same sin as the corrupt political machines. I.e.: We have all been willing participants in the perpetuation of the crisis mode in Haiti, albeit with different motives.

Until today, as soon as the conversation turns to Haiti, the world wants to talk food assistance, more orphanages, more adoptions, and more latrines. This is even after it has become clear to most that we have been causing more harm than good. This realization poses a great challenge to me and to all who have answered the call to serve.

Recent Update

Water Pump inauguration — Friday June 9, 2017

The Wesleyan primary school of Cotes de fer will celebrate the completion of their water pump project on June 9, 2017. This project was made possible through collaboration with Build and Bridge and the Wesleyan church of Haiti. With the completion of this pump, the Cotes de Fer Wesleyan primary school takes a giant step closer to autonomy.


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