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We will “build and bridge” throughout Haiti, concentrating first in the province of Cotes de Fer. Cotes de Fer is a coastal town located in the South West part of the Island of Haiti. Counting the surrounding populated areas, it boasts a population of 70,000 divided in six rural sections— Gris-gris, Labiche, Amazon, Bras de Gauche, Boucan Bellier and Jamais Vue. The inhabitants mainly live on farming and fishing. A large variety of fish, lobsters and conchs are found here. Farmers grow cachiment, corossole, mango, papaya, grenadine, sapodilla. Other Agricultural products include banana, potato, corn, petit mille, peas, yam and cassava.

Haiti’s government has targeted this coastal area as a tourist destination and is in investing its infrastructure, healthcare, education, fishing and farming. By 2017, several resort hotels and an international airport will be constructed, creating an economic opportunity for the people of Cotes de Fer. We are building strong partnerships and projects so that the local entrepreneurs, farmers and fishermen are equipped to provide the products and services needed to sustain the emerging resort industry.


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