How to help Haiti with the clean water crisis

In the early morning hours of August 14 2021, a powerful earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale rip through the southern peninsula of Haiti. At a magnitude of 7.2 this quake was classified as major and the energy equivalent it unleashed is considered superior to the destructive power of most atomic bombs.

A week later, according to reports from protection civile and local centers for management of disasters, there were 2,207 deaths, 12, 268 wounded, 344 people missing, 52, 953 homes destroyed and 77,006 homes damaged.
The destruction affected arguably some of the most beautiful areas in the country including Les Cayes, Grand'Anse, Camp Perrin, Nippes and Pestel.
In addition, the direct cost in human lives, the earthquake also caused an incalculable amount of negative stress on the environment including contamination or destruction of many natural sources of clean water.

In an unprecedented collaborative effort, Buildandbridge joined hands with local authorities, Sons and Daughters of Haiti, APPARTS, volunteers from the BEL Initiative program and World Hope international to help alleviate the clean water crisis. Within the first few days, together, we helped deliver more than 8,000 gallons of clean water to Les Cayes and Pestel areas.
During natural disasters, access to clean water is life saving. Our goal is to raise twenty thousand dollars ($ 20,000) to support this effort.