Impact of Foreign Aid

The Way Forward

“The basic objective of development is to create an enabling environ­ment for people to enjoy long, healthy and creative lives.”United Nations development Program.

Why is this objective so far fetch in Haiti?

The answer may be ridiculously simple: Haiti relies on foreign Aid for human development; a strategy that has failed every country every time it has been tried.

The Professor David Osterfeld, Associate Professor of Political Science St Joseph’s College in Rensselaer Indiana wrote: “Aid” has in many places actually destroyed the possibility for sustained economic growth by driving local producers, especially farmers, out of business. Such was the case in Micronesia, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Haiti, Guatemala, Kenya, and many other places”.

His conclusions are supported by numerous retrospective studies.

Yet, Haiti continues to be high on donations and low on human development planning.

Haitians in Haiti and abroad must resist the temptation to rely on foreign aid, humanitarian agencies, religious missions, orphanages and foreign NGOs and orphanages to anchor Haiti’s development.

Fortunately, Haiti has a wealth of bright young entrepreneurial minds. They, and not the unprepared, should carry the torch of the future! We work to leverage this human capital by working with SAKALA youth center in Cite Soleil. We are proud to partner with local Haitian role models and the Georgia Haitian American chamber of Commerce through the BEL initiative. A salient feature of our strategy is the early exposure of young people to entrepreneurship and networking.

This new generation of young men and women has successfully changed the conversation. Even the youngest students are introduced to the idea of start-ups, business ownership, buying and selling art, investing etc.

We value Equality, Sustainability, Productivity, and Empowerment. Join us in supporting Haiti’s future leaders!


OUR GOAL: To build partnerships to support sustainable human development in Haiti.

OUR DREAM: A new era of sustainable human development in Haiti.