The Haitian diaspora must not remain silent

We are all horrified by the current news out of Haiti. I will not recite them here, for we already know them.

Rather, let’s go towards solutions.

Two key crises: security and the formation of a government.

It should be noted that there are precedents for implication of the Haitian diaspora in Haitian socioeconomic crises. For example, during the 2004 crisis, many people signed an “Appel” letter that seemed to have given some results.

I would suggest that the largest, most established diaspora organizations in the US, Canada led by the different Haitian-American Chambers of Commerce, promote and propose individuals of good records and reputation for the transition government for Haiti.

These individuals should be Haitians living in Haiti. I will name just a few here.

Mirlande Manigat

Edgar Leblanc Fils, former senator

Wilson Jeudy, mayor of Delmas

Steven Benoit, former senator

Senator Patrice Dumont

Uder Antoine, former executive director of electoral council

Florence Eli, former national ombudsman

Michel Soukar, historian

Daniel Rouzier, business owner

Bernard Gousse, former Justice minister

Sonel Jean-Francois, former director of anti-corruption

Marie-Yolène Gilles, human rights activist

Kelly C. Bastien, former Senator

Joseph Harold Pierre, Economist

We in the diaspora are legitimate stakeholders and have a solemn duty to add our voice to the voices of Haitians everywhere. If we remain mute, the wrong people will speak on our behalf!

Let us work with the association of elected Haitian-American officials, the Haitian American chambers of commerce to fight for the inclusion of trustworthy public servants in the Haitian government.